Straight from the horses mouth, testimonials from our students in their own words.

When I first turned up at this school my knowledge of martial arts, Hung gar and its potential benefits for my health and well-being were completely unknown. I had tried many different things, but never really found something I truly enjoyed. For me this system has not only tested my physical strength and fitness, but also my determination and will to improve. I could not have continued to train here without the support and guidance from a Sifu like Leon, who is clearly dedicated to teaching Hung Gar the way he learnt it, passing on his knowledge with no frills or clichés. His teaching methods are simple; train hard, train regularly and put in 110%. As a result, I have never looked back and continued to train at this school as much as i can.


In 2006, I decided to move to London. The main reason for my decision was my desire to practice hung gar under Leon’s guidance. I am still in London and I still have the same desire. Since early childhood, I had been searching for some kind of completeness. Given my interest in martial arts, I had been looking for a teacher who would not only be exceptionally dexterous, but who would also have an extraordinary personal character. When I first met Leon, I realized that my search was finally over. Over the past few years, I have been trying to put some of the principles that Leon follows into practice in my everyday life. The fact that I keep benefiting from doing so is a constant reminder that Leon is a great teacher. While it seems natural that kung fu training would suit someone whose aim is to find out about their body, it might seem a bit odd that it could also suit someone whose aim is to explore their mind. I consider the awareness and knowledge of both a sine qua non of a well-rounded life. Our school is open to everyone, so feel free to come along and try it; you never know, it might be as life-changing an experience for you as it was for me.


Phd Students

After training in several different martial arts from an early age I can honestly say that I have found a truly comprehensive art accompanied by an open and honest Sifu. Having studied Hung gar in Hong Kong, Mainland China and London I believe anyone can greatly benefit from regular training in this tried and tested art and the training here in London is just as good as anywhere else. I have personally gained much from my seven years of training at the UK Lam Family Hung Kuen School and still have much to learn. I feel the quality of the system taught here in London by Sifu is so high with so much depth that I really look forward to the next seven years.



The UK Lam Family(Loong Fu) school gives us the opportunity to practise together but to also attend different classes to improve on different skills. Whether it is sparing, fitness or women only, there are lessons to suit everyone. Leon knows exactly how much he can push us (often further than we would have without his help) and ensures we always get the best out of every lesson. He is supportive and encouraging whilst also being firm but fair. We can’t recommend it enough.

Phillipa & David

I started training in kung fu over five years ago. I had spent years suffering with a chronic pain disorder and even though I was active, going to the gym or cycling/skating just didn’t bring the wider health benefits that I was seeking. Five years on, I can honestly say that kung fu has transformed my life and enabled me to get my condition under control. I joined this school 18 months ago and have the utmost respect for the style and for Leon who is an excellent Sifu. What stands out for me is the dedication Leon has for his students and the school. He teaches traditionally and trains you hard but he also takes the time to improve each student individually by engaging with them rather than teaching at a distance from the front of class. Classes are varied and also extremely good value for money. I can’t recommend this school enough but come and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!


First time I entered the Uk Lam Family Hung Kuen school was out of curiosity. I felt very welcome and the school is amazing. The teaching is very individual and adapted to each student. The physical challenge is always matching each individual level of fitness. Student’ with more experience are also very helpful and supportive. I highly recommend the school. It is amazing and it has changed my life in a very positive way! Thanks Leon and everybody else involved in the school!



My husband & I have been training Hung gar with Leon for about 2 years.
Teaching style: Leon is a fantastic teacher. He is patient and will always give 100% at every class to make every student the best they can be.
Progress:Classes are structured in a way that you can achieve maximum progress. The school is open 6 days per week & has classes at all different times. We try to get to each class early so we can practice the forms. Leon, Heather or other senior students are always all around to support you how to improve. We have already learnt a number of different forms including learning the weapons.
School: The training area is a good size. There is two separate rooms so you can practice by yourself even whilst the formal classes are on. The smaller room has mats for throws etc.
Benefits: We started kung fu for fitness and self defense. I [Kathryn] also train to reduce stress. It really helps with this.

Kathryn & Paul


I now train 3 days a week at the UK Lam Family Kung Fu School and if I could, I’d train everyday. Leon Dogan is a first class sifu and trainer. After studying Hung Gar kung fu in Germany, I never thought I would be lucky enough to find someone as good or as inspiring as my first sifu, but having tried out several other schools in-between after returning to London, finding another Hung Gar teacher and one just as talented and passionate about his art is something I’m massively grateful for. Hung Gar is not a limited art form, it is a journey, and being on that journey is a constant source of inspiration and strength for everything else that I – or every Hung Gar student – does in life. So I can’t recommend this school highly enough – it has something for everybody (I admit I am guilty of picking and choosing the parts I like best) and in Leon Dogan sifu, it has a trainer who pushes each individual exactly as hard as they require.



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