Kid’s Kung Fu

Tailored specifically for children, our Kung Fu classes will help unlock your Child’s true potential.

No other sport or activity will provide the combined benefits that Kung Fu training can provide for your child. As well as being a great way to keep children in shape both physically and mentally, our classes promote development in many areas.

We have students who have joined us as a child who are now extremely successful and responsible adults. The learning and training at our martial arts school has helped them through some extremely challenging times.

The Best of Kung Fu

Our classes go beyond teaching kids how to kick or punch. We teach values and skills that will last a life time and help your kids in all areas of their life.

Self Defence

Practical and effective system of self protection.

Self Confidence

Boost self esteem and develop a “can do” attitude in everything.


Learn humility and respect for ones self and others.

Self Discipline

Disciplined body, mind and spirit to succeed in all areas of life.


Improve the ability to focus, watch, listen and learn more effectively.

Health & Fitness

Strong body, strong mind through physical and mental discipline

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