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Martial Arts

World class Martial Arts training for all.


Empower your body and mind for a healthy, happy life.


Get Fit, Lean and strong with tried and tested methods that  work.

Martial  Arts

for All Ages

At Loong Fu we are all  about Martial Arts, Health and Fitness.  We have decades of experience in teaching and training individuals from all walks of life from all over the world and provide an extensive martial arts programme in a safe and friendly environment.

Our diverse Martial Arts programs range from the vigorous and dynamic  Hung Gar kung fu  system to the low impact, subtle movements of  Chi Kung / Tai Chi to tailored children’s classes to explosive Sanda  training.

We offer programs to benefit health, fitness, coordination, discipline, focus, and self defence. No other type of activity, sport or physical exercise classes provide the numerous benefits that martial arts can. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, gain confidence, de-stress or learn self-defence, you will find our classes will help you achieve your goals.

Loong Fu Martial Arts - Kung Fu Weapons

Adult's Kung Fu

Comprehensive  No-nonsense martial arts

Tai Chi / Chi Kung

Empower your Body and Mind.

Kid's Kung Fu

Unlock your child’s true potential.


Learn to utilise all parts of the body as anatomical weapons

One To One Training

Faster Results – Greater Rewards tailored to your needs.

In their own words…

Absolutely brilliant. No ego’s or attitude by senior students, all they do is support. Leon is a great teacher and all there are positive and friendly, even to utterly unfit and struggling new students like myself.


Perfect place to train, learn, grow and be the best u can be! The endless dedication of our Sifu will bring the best version out of you !  Every time! I am so grateful to be part of this family.”


“Given my interest in martial arts, I had been looking for a teacher who
would not only be exceptionally dexterous, but who would also have an extraordinary personal character. When I first met Leon, I realized that my search was finally over. Over the past few years, I have been trying to put some of the principles that Leon follows into practice in my everyday life. The fact that I keep benefiting from doing so is a constant reminder that Leon is a great teacher.”


I couldn’t consider myself more lucky to have walked into this kung fu school and if your looking for a place to learn authentic kung fu I couldn’t recommended it more.


Not only are Sifu Leon Dogan and his students carrying on real traditional Lam family lineage Hung Gar, they also happen to be some of the most down to earth and nicest people you will meet!


“I started training in kung fu over five years ago. I had spent years suffering with a chronic pain disorder and even though I was active, going to the gym or cycling/skating just didn’t bring the wider health benefits that I was seeking. Five years on, I can honestly say that kung fu has transformed my life and enabled me to get my condition under control. What stands out for me is the dedication Leon hasfor his students and the school. I can’t recommend this school enough but come and see for yourself.”


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Ji Fai Do - Commander's Sabre

Commanders Sabre (Ji Fai Do) – 指挥刀

The Commander's Sabre set, also known as the military sabre, is one of the more unique weapon routines in the Lam Family Tiger Crane Hung Kuen system. This kind of military sabre is not one of the traditional weapons of China, and it was introduced after China's modernisation period, especially after the military modernisation of the Qing Dynasty New Army Reforms.

Loong Fu
Jan 18, 2022