Hung Gar Kuen

Effective and Practical, Hung Gar is one of the most respected Kung Fu style in the world.

Hung Kuen is a complete martial arts system known for its powerful, no-nonsense martial techniques and tremendous benefits for body, mind and spirit.

Body, Mind & Spirit

Our adult Hung Gar classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability.

Whether you are a total beginner with no experience or have previous martial arts training, our door is open to anyone with genuine interest and enthusiasm

New students begin by building a solid foundation, learning the basics and the fundamental concepts, and gradually advancing to the higher levels of the system. All students follow a well structured program with one-to-one attention from the sifu and senior students every step of the way.

Hung Kuen is  a fully comprehensive, straight forward system of Martial Arts. It is not a sport nor a game. Once a highly guarded combat art, shrouded in secrecy and mystery, Hung Kuen is a Chinese Martial Art that was born during a time of great struggle when self protection meant life and death.  The Hung Kuen system as we now it today has evolved, tried and tested over centuries. Beyond its combat expertise in empty hand and weapons, at its core, Hung Kuen incorporates strong  moral codes and values,  training the body, mind and spirit as one.

At our Kung Fu school we practice and teach the complete system as it was passed on to our Sifu from Lam Family. Training at our school includes:


No Nonsense

Hung Kuen empty hand training  incorporates use of entire body for offence and defense, not just the hands and feet. From striking to take downs, from throws to joint locks and manipulation, we train it all. Practice involves training classical forms, solo drills, partnered training, combat applications and sparring.


No Nonsense

Hung Kuen training incorporates usage of many different weapons varying from knives, swords, sabre, double ended stick, long stick, tiger fork, spear and more.



Empty hand and weapons sparring. Hand to hand combat, empty hands vs weapon, weapons vs weapons are all part of Hung Gar training.



Body Conditioning

Ling Gung is an important part of Kung Fu training which includes strengthening and conditioning of the entire body, improving flexibility and mobility, increasing speed, balance and coordination and much more to improve technique, form and general skill level.

Internal Training

Hei Gung and Loi Gung is learning to regulate the breath correctly and to train the cultivation of internal energy to improve many important qualities, general skill at physical, mental and spiritual level.


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