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Training Since 1983

Our Origins

Loong Fu Martial Arts was established in 2004 by Leon Dogan up on his return from Hong Kong where he lived and trained at the  famed Kung Fu school of the legendary kung fu master  Lam Cho. Leon initially started teaching privately to a handful of students in East London. As the word got around more and more wanted to learn and train with Leon. Overwhelming demand led to the decision of opening a full time Kung Fu school.

In 2007, our first school officially opened its door to the general public in Islington. Since its humble beginnings our school has grown from strength to strength. 

Leon A Dogan sifu

The Promise

Our School was built on Martial Virtues and  a promise to our teachers to openly teach and share the benefits of our kung fu style with integrity, humility, honesty, respect and devotion.  No Ego. No Politics. No Nonsense.

Over the years we had the great pleasure of teaching and helping thousands of students from all walks of life from all corners of the world. We have had the immense joy of watching our younger students grow into  strong and successful individuals and parents. Sticking to that one promise, we continue to actively train and teach with passion. 

Loong Fu Kung fu Lineage

Our School

Loong Fu Martial Arts welcomes everyone, regardless of age, ability, gender, race or religion. We have decades of experience in teaching and training individuals from all walks of life and provide an extensive martial arts programe in a safe and friendly environment.  We teach:

– Hung Gar Kung Fu
– Kids Martial Arts
– Chi Kung
– Tai Chi
– San Da / Kickboxing
– Combat Fit
– Personal Training 
– Traditional Lion Dance

Our diverse Martial Arts programs range from the vigorous and dynamic  Hung Gar kung fu  system to the low impact, subtle movements of  Chi Kung and Tai Chi. We offer programs to benefit health, fitness, coordination, discipline, focus, and self defense. No other type of activity, sport or physical exercise classes provide the numerous benefits that martial arts can. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, gain confidence, de-stress or learn self-defence, you will find our classes will help you achieve your goals.

Loong Fu Martial Arts

Our Roots

The principal style of martial arts we practice at Loong Fu  is Hung Kuen / Hung Gar Kung Fu of the renowned Lam Family with its roots dating back to the 17th century China. Hung Kuen has been an integral part of Lam Family for almost two centuries.  

Lam family is one of the most respected and well know kung fu families in the world. Known throughout the globe not just for their impeccable martial and medical skills but for their endless efforts to openly teach, promote and uphold the true spirit of Hung Gar kung fu. For generations, from master to disciple, father to son, the Lam family has been carrying  on the traditional art of Hung Gar kung fu and Chinese Medicine (Dit-Da) with integrity and pride. Lam Family Hung Kuen is recognised as one of the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong. Our sifu Leon A. Dogan is a long standing disciple and the official representative of the Lam Family Hung Kuen in the United Kingdom.  

Loong Fu  - Lam Family Hung Kuen

Our Sifu

Leon Dogan sifu has been actively training  Martial Arts since the early 1980s.  He has over 38 years experience in training and teaching martial arts all over the world and has had the pleasure of training with some of the best masters of our time.

Martial arts has never been a past time or a hobby for Leon but a life style. He has always spent most of his time in a martial arts training hall than anywhere else. As a child he trained in Wrestling, Taekwondo and Karate. In his early teens he developed a strong interest in Kung Fu and was heavily training in Kickboxing and Thai Boxing. During his late teens he started focusing more on his Kung Fu training and eventually moved to Hong Kong to train at the famed kung fu studio of Grandmaster Lam Cho. Living in Hong Kong he fully immersed himself in Lam Family Hung Kuen and had the opportunity to travell all over China and South East Asia to train and experience other styles of Martial Arts.

Five Stars - Loong Fu Martial Arts

I couldn’t consider myself more lucky to have walked into this kung fu school and if your looking for a place to learn authentic kung fu I couldn’t recommended it more. 

Lodon / England

Five Stars - Loong Fu Martial Arts

Hung Kuen as a style is fantastic. It has incredible breath and will teach you a whole knew system of movement and the mechanics of the body and psyche. Attending his school is an unregrettable decision; I learnt much; and I miss it dearly.

London / England

Five Stars - Loong Fu Martial Arts

I now train 3 days a week at the UK Lam Family Kung Fu School and if I could, I’d train everyday. Leon Dogan is a first class sifu and trainer. So I can’t recommend this school highly enough – it has something for everybody (I admit I am guilty of picking and choosing the parts I like best) and in Leon Dogan sifu, it has a trainer who pushes each individual exactly as hard as they require.

London / England

Five Stars - Loong Fu Martial Arts

When I first turned up at this school my knowledge of martial arts, Hung gar and its potential benefits for my health and well-being were completely unknown. I had tried many different things, but never really found something I truly enjoyed. For me this system has not only tested my physical strength and fitness, but also my determination and will to improve. I could not have continued to train here without the support and guidance from a Sifu like Leon, who is clearly dedicated to teaching Hung Gar the way he learnt it, passing on his knowledge with no frills or clichés. His teaching methods are simple; train hard, train regularly and put in 110%. As a result, I have never looked back and continued to train at this school as much as i can.

London / England