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This school is amazing and it has changed my life in a very positive way! I highly recommend the school. Thank you.


Leon sifu is clearly dedicated to teaching Hung Gar the way he learnt it, passing on his knowledge with no frills or clichés.


Chinese New Year Demo 2015

Chinese New Year Demo 2015

Gung Hei Faat Choi!Happy New Year of the Sheep. Our school was invited to do several Kung Fu demos at London China Town for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Despite the weather, the demos went really well. Thank you to all our students who participated and the...

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Bucksam Kong’s Iron Thread Set

Bucksam Kong’s Iron Thread Set

Another article from the past, published in Inside Kung Fu magazine in 1970, featuring Bucksam Kong sifu, written by Fran Colberg. The article focuses on the famed internal form Tid Sin Kuen (Iron Wire, aka Iron Thread) of Hung Kuen. Please click on the images to...

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Italy Trip-Competition 2015

Italy Trip-Competition 2015

Loong Fu Martial Arts was invited to take part in the International Lam Family Hung Kuen Tournament held in Naples, Italy. Overall it was an excellent kung fu trip. Our students enjoyed great success at the tournament with many first place wins and gold medals...

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