Our Kung Fu School

No Ego, No Politics. No Nonsense.

We practice and teach the complete traditional system of Lam Family Hung Kuen (Hung Gar) as its has been passed down in Lam Family for generations.  We teach and practice our style with humility, respect and discipline.

We are a friendly bunch and our door is open to anyone with genuine interest and enthusiasm. If you can empty your cup and leave your ego at the door, you are welcome to train at our school.

If, however, you wish to exercise your ego, debate martial arts politics, belittle others and more interested in talking about kung fu then actual training and learning, we kindly suggest you find yourself another kung fu school.

Loong Fu Tong

Our school “Loong Fu Tong” was established by Leon Dogan of Lam Family Hung Kuen. Leon lived and trained in Hong Kong under the guidance of his Sifu, Lam Chun Sing and his Sigung, Lam Cho at grandmaster Lam Cho’s famed kung fu school in Hong Kong.

Our full-time “Mou Kwoon” (Kung Fu School) is based in London, England. We run group classes and private lessons throughout the week from Monday to Saturday. The school is fully equipped with everything from wooden dummies to focus mitts, traditional training tools to punch bags and kung fu weapons. Training is open to everyone regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. Training includes;

拳套 Traditional Empty Hand Forms

兵器 Traditional Weapon Forms

對練 Empty Hand & Weapons Sparring

練功 Strength and Conditioning

氣功 - 內功 Internal Training

散手 Fighting Applications/Drills

舞獅 Traditional Lion Dance

跌打 Injury Treatment

禪 Meditation

Kung Fu Family

We practice, teach and run our school in a traditional manner. Every one who joins our school becomes part of our extended kung fu family, part of a living tradition with a long and colourful history and teachings.

Our kung fu style, Hung kuen, also know as Hung Gar comes from Lam Family of Hong Kong. Lam family is one of the most respected and well know gung fu families in the world. Known through out the globe not just for their impeccable martial and medical skills but for their endless efforts to openly teach, promote and uphold the true spirit of Hung Gar kung fu. For generations, from master to disciple, father to son, the Lam family has been carrying and passing on the traditional art of Hung Gar kung fu and Chinese Medicine (Dit-Da) with integrity and pride. Our sifu Leon A. Dogan is a long standing disciple and the official representative of the Lam Family Hung Kuen in the United Kingdom. On the left is our kung fu family tree and below is a short biographies of Lam Family Hung Kuen masters through generations.


Lam Family Hung Kuen

Past and present masters and teachers of our Kung Fu family. Please click on each link to read more.

Lam Sai Wing

Lam Cho

Lam Chun Sing

Leon A. Dogan

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