Hung Gar Kung Fu is an excellent Martial Art system that offers tremendous benefits. No other type of activity, sport or physical exercise classes can provide the numerous benefits that martial arts provide.The rewards of Kung Fu training can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike, regardless of ones age, gender, race, religion or physical ability. The unique and varied methods of training produce fast and effective results

Besides the obvious and well known benefits, such as; self-defence, physical, mental, and health benefits, correct kung fu training generates positive results in every aspect of life – better focus, motivation, increased self confidence, self discipline, stress management, calmness under pressure, strength of character and more…

Due to how martial arts are portrayed in today’s media, most people naturally assume that the self defence is the only main benefit of Kung Fu. The correct training in kung fu however has benefits beyond merely teaching one how to defend themselves. These benefits can be generally divided into; Self Defence , Health & Fitness, Mental/Psychological Rewards, Character Building and Spiritual Awareness

  • Kung Fu training is an excellent way to improve and boost your health and overall fitness. The unique and varied methods of training produce fast and effective results which last into old age. Most well known practitioners of our system has enjoyed an active life style well into advanced age. Lam Cho the grandmaster of Lam Family Kung Fu was vigorous and full of life even at the age of 100. Kung Fu training improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, speed and endurance as well increasing over all cardiovascular fitness and toning muscular system.
  • Unlike any other form of exercise/activity, martial arts offer the added benefit of self defence. Our system of kung fu, Hung Gar is known for its straight forward and effective self defence techniques. The real life effectiveness and practicality of our system has been tried and tested over centuries. Masters of our systems were some of the best known kung fu experts of their time.
  • Increased Self confidence and self esteem, improved concentration and focus, stress reduction and relaxation, motivation and positive attitude towards life and mentally weariness are some very important benefits that can be gained through the practice of Hung Gar Kung Fu. These benefits acquired through kung fu training will carry over into all aspects of life, fostering a general feeling of great well-being.
  • Hung Gar Kung Fu is well known for its strong character training and development of positive moral values and martial virtues which is commonly known as “Mou-Duk” in Cantonese. Moral values such as self discipline, self esteem, respect, honesty, courage, loyalty, endurance and self perseverance are achieved through correct practice of kung fu.

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