Adults Kung Fu Classes


We teach the complete traditional system of Hung Gar Kung Fu as taught by the world famous Lam Family of Hong Kong. Hung Gar is one of the most popular and respected systems of Kung Fu in the world, known for its powerful, no-nonsense martial techniques and tremendous benefits for body,mind and spirit.

Our adult Hung Gar classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of ones race, religion, age, gender or physical ability. Whether you are a total beginner with no experience or have previous martial arts training, our door is open to anyone with genuine interest and enthusiasm.

New students begin by building a solid foundation, learning the basics and the fundamental concepts, and gradually advancing to the higher levels of the system. All students follow a well structured program with one-to-one attention from the sifu and his senior students every step of the way. We keep our classes small to ensure that all students receive individual attention and gain the maximum benefits from their training. For class times see timetable below.

Children's Kung Fu Classes


Tailored specifically for children, our kid’s Kung Fu classes are suitable for all kids from the age of 5 to 15. Children’s classes teach more than just kicking and punching. As well as being a great way to keep children in shape both physically and mentally, our classes promote development in many areas to unlock their true potential. Learning kung fu will arm children with many positive skills from self disciple and respect to self confidence and increased focused. As well as learning self-defence, they will improve flexibility, balance and coordination as well as developing positive attitude and behaviour.

All of our classes are carried out in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment by fully qualified instructors with over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts. We are fully insured, CRB checked and trained in first aid.

The classes are fun, exciting and always educational, so check out our timetable and bring your children to try one of our no obligation classes. You have nothing to loose and they have everything to gain. For class times see timetable below.

Private Kung Fu Lessons


Learn Kung Fu the traditional way, one to one. Step by step, focused training under the personal guidance of Leon Dogan sifu who has decades of hands on experience in Martial Arts. Private lessons are the best way to learn and make rapid progression. Whether you want to accelerate your progress; need to get caught up; further improve your skill, private training allows quick progression and visible results through a structured program that suits your schedule and personal needs.

  • One-to-one attention
  • Rapid progression
  • Visible results
  • Flexible schedule
  • Tailored training
  • Best possible results in the quickest possible time

Private lessons and small group lessons in:

  • Hung Gar Kung Fu
  • Kung Fu Weapons
  • Self-Defence
  • Lion Dance, SanDa
  • Chi Kung and Meditation

Private lessons by appointment only. Please contact us for availability.

Lion Dance - Kung Fu Classes


Lion Dance is a well known Chinese folk tradition and an important part of a traditional Kung Fu school. It is an essential part of Chinese festivals/holidays and important functions such as weddings, business openings etc. It is often performed by Kung Fu schools at such events to bring good fortune, happiness and prosperity.

Lion dancing is extremely fun and exciting yet very demanding. It requires strength, endurance stamina, flexibility, balance, good team work and the ability to visualize and improvise the dramatic movements. Lion dance classes are a fun way to improve overall fitness and health. You will get fit and strong, improve stamina, enhance balance and coordination.

At our kung fu school we teach Lion Dance free to all our Kung Fu students who are interested in this traditional folk art. We provide Lion Dance training for adults and children. Our Lion Dance team is available for hire for private functions, events and celebrations. Please contact us for more info and availability.

The current class schedule at the Loong Fu Martial Arts. 

 Loong Fu - Kung Fu Class Timetable